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Tungsten argon arc welding wire

Tungsten argon arc welding wire
Argon is an ideal gas, denser-than-air 25%, welding welding arc is conducive to the protection, reduce the consumption of gas. Is a chemically very inert argon gas, even at high temperatures did not react and metal, so there is no oxidation burning loss of alloying elements and the resulting problems. Argon does not dissolve in liquid metal and thus will not cause the stomata. Argon is monatomic gases, exist in Atomic States, no trapping of molecules or atoms at high temperatures.   Specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity of argon gas is small, that is itself less absorption, out less heat transfer, heat is not lost in the arc, stable welding arc, heat set, weld's favour. Disadvantage is the higher ionization potential of argon gas. When the arc space filled with argon gas, ignition of the arc is very difficult, but very stable after the arc Once ignited. BACK