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In welding, welding and soldering, and require metal surface oxides and impurities, in order to ensure solder and welding of metal surface alloying reaction between the solid crystalline structure, that is, Atomic diffusion. Before the start of welding, effective measures must be taken to remove oxides and impurities. Common methods include mechanical and chemical methods. Mechanical method was to clear it with sandpaper or a knife. Chemical method is the flux removal. Flux removal does not damage the welding characteristics and high efficiency, so that welding generally use this method. Flux in addition to oxide function also has the following functions:
① When heating metal oxidation.
② helps solder flow, reducing surface tension effects.
③ heat from the soldering iron can be quickly delivered to the solders and the surface of the object to be welded.
Melting point than solder and flux welding of low melting point, melting, and fill the gap and wet solder, soldering irons heat quickly passed to the object to be welded on, warm up faster. These effects will exert positive effects for improving weld quality. BACK