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THQ-50CG3 flux-cored wire

THQ-50CG3 flux-cored wire
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Bridge THQ-50CG3 wire   This product is made of high quality material, corresponding model AWS, norm GB ER50-6 ER70S-6 the advanced drawing copper plating process and the appearance of carbon dioxide gas safeguard wire. Due to its refining, consumption in the process of adopting a common technological measures of consumption, which has excellent welding performance.

has excellent rust power for excellent welding characteristics. When welding, condensation on the welding wire speed, high deposition efficiency and ARC stability, weld spatter, cold forming beautiful and strong oxidation resistance corrosion, Kong Min rational small weld metal, all-position effects, good welding, maintenance of gas with Co2 or Ar+5~20%Co2.


applies to vehicles and Co2Kg f /mm2 high strength steel of low carbon steel, construction, shipbuilding, container, bridges, machinery, electric power, metallurgy, pressure vessel and so on. Apply current common stop for all position welding, particularly in short circuit arc stability within a domain, can be widely used in thin high speed welding.

weld metal mechanical properties: tensile strength ≥ 500  yield point elongation ≥ 420  ≥ ≥ 27 22% V impact absorption (at 30. C)

welding current initiatives: φ 0.8mm 40~140A

φ1.0mm 50~220A

φ1.2mm 80~350A

φ1.6mm 170~550A

wire size: φ φ φ φ 1.6mm 1.2mm  1.0mm  0.8mm 

poor filling: -0.01~0.03mm

chemical composition:

carbon sulfur manganese Silicon Si 0.80~1.15  p Mn1.40~1.85  p C 0.06~0.15  ≤ 0.025  ≤ 0.035 s

copper Cu ≤ 0.50

used in machinery, buildings, ships, vehicles, pressure vessel steel and welding of carbon steel and low alloy steel structures of 500MPa