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Hardfacing flux-cored wire

Hardfacing flux-cored wire
Main production: wear-resistant electrodes, stainless steel electrodes, electrode for welding cast iron, heat-resistant steel electrode, cobalt base electrode, silver electrode, gas welding rods, copper rods, aluminum electrode, welding wire and other welding material welding rod. &Nbsp;

welding electrode: D102 D106 D107 D112 D212 D256 D307     D337 D507Mo D547Mo D707 D802 D812  D842

stainless steel covered electrode: A102 A107 A132 A202 A137 A212 A302 A307 A312 A402 A407 A502 A507 A607 A707 A802

cast iron electrode: Z100 Z116 Z117 Z122Fe Z208 Z238 Z248 Z258 Z268 Z308 Z408 Z438 Z508

nickel base welding rod: Ni102Ni112Ni202Ni207Ni307Ni307ANi307BNi317Ni327Ni337Ni347Ni357HT-103HT-105

silver electrode: 2%5%15%18%20%25%30%35%45%56%72%, companies can also be produced according to customer requirements.