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Seamless rail welding shop 1 day 5 km

Shop 5 km a day
Running trains on a continuous welded rail, although fast, but smooth and quiet.
Liu Nan-laying base, engineers say, if higher than the rails and railway tracks what's the difference, apart from the length, a high-speed rail material than ordinary the better lot. And passenger rail, high-speed rail than the average material well.
In the laying base, this reporter saw a car had been mobilized over the track laying vehicle was on the track, waiting for the arrival of laying days. Engineers said that according to the plan, Nanning on July 20 of this year laying Rails, first paved section from litang to guests, about 80 km away.
In the ordinary mind, tracks and ultimately, workers get together to work in full swing, but there is a track laying vehicle, such a scene at the construction site will not see.
Engineers introduced the laying process: when "long" a glance does not have access to "tail" transport-rail locomotives, each to be transported to two 500-meter-long Rails. After the stop, right in front of the front, more than 10 workers will be divided into two teams to stand up. Under the machine, two Rails a little bit from the front out, workers gingerly laying Rails and tail docking. Then, track laying vehicle pulls on the 500-meter-long rail track bed forward, workers from time to time under the rail pads pulley, guarantee extension Rails straight ahead.
High-speed rail is the most difficult is the early demolition and Foundation construction, laying is the last link in the construction of high-speed rail, and is also the fastest part. According to reports, Chang Pu equipment, a professional, fast shop 5 km a day.
Track difference:
High-speed rail in Guangxi, the use of "track"
The track laying, light rail does not guarantee high speed train running at full speed. BACK