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A high anti-crack-pipe mill with flux core welding wire

Followed super deep, and big slope well, and big displacement well and the degree well drilling skills of carried out, by drilling time extends, and drill pipe effect in casing Shang of side to force increases, elements of effect, casing and drill pipe of wear problem increasingly raised, light is reduced drill pipe of anti-twist, and anti-bent strength and casing column of anti-squeeze destroyed, and anti-within pressure strength, heavy is formed casing column squeeze destroyed, and deformation and the leaked, even formed full well scrap, then significantly to added drilling cost. Surfacing on oil drill pipe joints wear, is one of the most useful way to cut the drill pipe, casing wear. As drilling skill develops, on wear resistance of drill pipe feature with information requirements have become more sophisticated.
1 metal wear traditional wear with use of metal produced by popular iron-based alloy powder for spraying of plasma arc spray welding wear-resisting materials. Marked field theory, although powder plasma-arc surfacing wear-resistant belt can be useful to maintain the drill pipe, but because of the high plasma temperatures (20000~50000K), hot Gu Zhenqian (1960-), male, engineer, Deputy Manager, the first drilling and drilling and oil well pipe service skills and effect analysis tasks.
Enter big dilution rate and some of the consequences of higher coarse grain structure. High of diluted rate displayed for matrix of melt deep increases, repeatedly heap welding sex variable poor, wear with cracking, and peeling, and lost block of tendencies added, also also makes wear with heap welding layer alloy elements content declined, incurred wear with of hardness and wear sex reduced, then cannot than full develop alloy powder of high wear sex; part coarse grain organization will reduced drill pipe joint of strength and toughness, Stern even making the heat-affected zone cracking then formed with adjacent fracture accident of drill attack. It follows that powder plasma arc spray welding wear-resisting surfacing repeatedly there is poor, cracking, peeling, wear down serious injury of drill substrate and other defects. The other, severe wear resistance with Flake, lost sight of powder (powder detection methods and application of precision) wear of plasma arc spray welding wear-resisting to the casing so that it cannot meet ultra deep and high angle, extended reach wells and drilling skills required. BACK