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Built welded equipment purchase and listen to what the problem

1) device functions, such as welding, welding costs, limitations appropriate marking of the welded and welded location;
2) adjustment of the welding parameters (appropriate limitations of welded), control equipment can facilitate peace process can be briefly;
3) spare parts for equipment, such as consumable supplies;
4) equipment ancillary equipment, such as power source, and other equipment needs rationality, be content, such as homework and prerequisite;
5) commissioning a brief, quickly into normal production form;
6), quality of equipment, such as years of trouble-free use, disposal and maintenance can be briefly;
7) using equipment of welded joints can be reached after skill requirements;
8) manufacturers, whether professionally produced history and length of promise;
9) support particularly important after-sales work and skills.
10) reasonable price than;   BACK