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Analysis of electrode technology

Mild steel (carbon content is less than 0.25%)
Good plasticity, no hardening tendency, not sensitive to welding process, welding properties.
Welding of low carbon steel is widely available welding method for welding.
In addition to low temperatures outside the ring, generally do not need to take action.
Carbon steel (carbon content between 0.25%~0.60%)
Poor weldability. Have some hardened are prone to low plasticity and cold crack of hardened organization
Welding method: manual metal arc welding
Choose good crack resistance of low hydrogen type bridge j422 electrode, slow cooling after welding preheating, welding electrode
High carbon steel (carbon content of greater than 0.60%)
Hardened and cracked more, poor welding. Not generally used in the manufacture of welded structures.
Mostly with manual metal arc welding or gas welding to weld before welding Preheat and post weld cooling
2 welding of low-alloy structural steel
Welding of low-alloy structural steel carbon equivalent can be different, light welding of carbon steel.
CE <0.4%, excellent weldability, generally do not need to take special measures to
CE >0.4%, hardened and cold cracking and its weldability and the medium, some measures need to be taken when welding.
The application of welding methods: manual metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas metal arc welding and electroslag welding

Austenitic stainless steel
Ferritic stainless steel
Martensitic stainless steel
Intergranular corrosion, cracking little
Cracking large and prone to intergranular corrosion BACK