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Toward my dream all the way forward

  I 2011, and before you know it, is about to slip away, caught the tail, continue to ponder it. This year the biggest change I was not a student, and finally learn to Hold yourself to live their own life, newbie, exhibitions.
&Nbsp;   home in late February, a thing called ideal, way, way to achieve. Now, I recognize my own willful ignorance and, thankfully I still dare to do this is, still trying to become like themselves. J422 electrode it is a good way of learning bridge, not of my love, do not miss. Bad people again, if it didn't go away, that proved not without love. For the future, not implemented in the imagination, no longer torn between choices, would fit and he has gradually clear. The road ahead, step on the foot, I always believe that I'm strong enough, I just need a hope, but the hope in my heart. Let the chaos of living in their own effort and introspection that is gradually clear.
&Nbsp;   this year, with love, but no longer talk about love, young and foolish, and love than the day. Today, love is a luxury, not a necessity, and again the sounds of words, is the enemy but to wash a spoon of soup for me. Feeling, past experiences are rare wealth. Will not regret the wrong pay the youth, because for me, I is constant, but variable.
&Nbsp;   in the realization of the ideal and the pursuit of happiness on the road, some people move faster, go slower, some hilarious, some people get lonely, I believe, will eventually be reached. Start expecting the coming of 2012, is unlikely to be the last day, I was waiting for a new journey. BACK