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Construction welder installation requirements

A, welded wire running to the scene or used before, j422 welding electrodes shall be determined by the competent section of the bridge inspection exam, open air arrangements should have the stability and pace of rain, each welder have a common switch box and a brake control, and by an amateur electrician is responsible for rehousing.
Second, should adopt active switching control, you cannot use the manual switch (such as rubber cover knife switch).
Because general electric welding machine capacity larger than the force and manual switch arc poor skills, connect and disconnect the power to slow, prone to arcing and short circuit between phases hamper, examples, and energy is greater than 5.5KW, the active switch should be used in moderation.
Three, electric welding machine on the primary side and the secondary side should be defending electric shock asylum installed Assembly.
SI、yici side of the power line should not cross 5M.
Due to a relative for secondary lines, high voltage, large damage, so ought to control their length as short as possible, not to drag, and protective casing against steel and other metal hanging, smashing, and other events. Add long, should be erected high above 2.5M, solid and firm. Request course with the welding machine terminals adjacent to the stable, upper protection cover against accidental damage and electrical shock.
Five, according to ping an electric welding machine shell should be done at the request of asylum grounded or neutral.
Six, in order to prepare for high pressure (measured) into low-voltage (secondary side) pose a risk, Exchange secondary welding machine should be grounded, or zero. BACK