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Disadvantages of Tig welding

Disadvantages of Tig welding:
(1) due to the large heat-affected area in argon arc welding workpiece on patched often leads to distortion, low hardness, trachoma, partial annealing, cracks, pinholes, wear, scratch, bite, and is probably not enough links and internal stress damage and other shortcomings. Special close forging small disadvantage of patching process raised profile. Tianjin bridge welding electrodes plant in tight casting defects repair category of metal cold welding repair machine can be used to replace the argon arc welding, because cold welding heat small, well subdued the argon arc welding faults, complement closer casting repairs difficult.
(2) argon arc welding and electrode arc welding compared on people figure of dangerous level to high some, argon arc welding of current density big, recovered of light than force violent, it of arc occurred of purple inside radiation, about for General electrode arc welding of 5~30 times, red inside about for electrode arc welding of 1~1.5 times, in welding Shi occurred of ozone content high, is to, as choices atmosphere smooth better of at construction, or on figure has is big of dangerous. BACK