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Bridge wire international welding standards

  Is located in Jiaonan of Qingdao tomorrow College, active exploration vocational education running new mode, and world most advanced of Germany international welding technology and Training Institute construction international welding training base, training out of students with international skills certificate, can select to South car, and North car, State-owned large work, students probation wage months income up 2500 Yuan above, and enjoy "five insurance two gold" treatment, students into has employment market Shang of "incense Bobo".
"Germany welding and inspection technology is at the forefront in Europe should be second to none. World welding standard is based on the Germany standard worked out. "On May 12, Dean Ma Chenglu introduction of Qingdao tomorrow, in June 2009, and Germany International Institute of welding technology and training cooperation, the establishment of Sino-German technical training base for international welding and testing, mainly engaged in international standards (European standards) welding and inspection of technical training, teaching, etc. From the Germany welding experts to teach in school, hands-on field guide training for students, allow students to receive advanced training in vocational skills. In base training students, after passing the test, can achieve international recognition of qualifications.
Bridge, bridge wire electrode international welding standards "weld" a sought-after student
Tomorrow school students ' skill level is high, Australia Queensland Government vocational technical appraisal Committee members Jia Kewen recently made a special trip to Jiaonan, negotiate graduates to work in Australia. He said: "their equipment is first class, students are very honored to have the good teacher training guide, student's skills are very good. ”

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