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What is arc welding characteristics

The relationship between input voltage and current of the power supply called "outside." Welding machine characteristic curve as steep drop type, current is zero, the no-load voltage is 60-80V, just arc ignition current, the voltage will be reduced agility, simply change the spread of electric welding machine characteristic curve, you can reach the objective of adjusting welding current, j422 electrode to the satisfaction of the bridge welding different thickness and different materials of work requests.
1, the characteristics of arc
Welding manipulation power way to convert thermal energy to heat the metal welding, arc welding is melting a, which is the manipulation of arc thermal, seam, clearance activities in front of the electrode and workpiece parts melt, weld consisting of adjacent.
ARC is the electrode and the workpiece between the North and South poles continuous discharge in gas media signs and gas one of the conducting situations. Gas electric signs are, under the effect of external high-voltage electric field, gas "ionized" while constituted. ARC discharge, currents can reach over hundreds of amps, but voltage is low as long as dozens of volts. ARC-a large amount of heat, the temperature can be as high as 8,000 degrees centigrade, while violent full resumption and purple paint, red paint, such as radiation.
2, characteristics of welding machine
Welder is arcing power, must be satisfied with ARC and ARC requests are not burning and can conveniently regulate current size and other characteristics.

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