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Pros and cons plasma welding details

Plasma is the temperature does not exceed 3,000 degrees Celsius gas at standard atmospheric pressure, to regard it as in the temperature spectrum following the solid, liquid and gas after the fourth State of matter. Plasma is made from activated Takako, electrons, atoms or molecules. For example: it can take in the nature of lightning. From 1960 onwards, plasma made a new meaning of the word, that arc through the vortex ring or nozzle contraction caused by the higher energy State, this principle is now widely used in iron and steel, chemical and mechanical engineering industries.
Plasma arc welding in argon tungsten arc welding is a welding method on the basis of. Tungsten inert gas arc welding using a heat source is a free arc under atmospheric conditions, referred to as tungsten arc of freedom. Plasma arc welding of tungsten arc heat is comfortable contraction strengthened and achieved higher arc plasma ionization, plasma arc, arc, also known as austerity. In physics essentially no difference between the two is just different ionization levels in the arc column. Tighter arc energy density is more concentrated, hotter.
Plasma arc is the maximum voltage drop in the arc column, it is because the arc is intense austerity, the electric field strength is obvious; because of increases. Thus, mainly is the application of arc plasma in plasma arc welding heat to heat the metal, tungsten arc of freedom is one of the two electrode areas caused by the heat to heat the material and the electrode metal. BACK