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How to ensure the quality of welded joints

To ensure the quality of welded joints, they should adopt effective measures in the welding process to avoid weld defects.
(1) appropriate measures to avoid undercutting is current size; games to average; rod to the correct angle; the welding arc is shorter; appropriate automatic submerged arc welding the welding speed.
(2) measures to avoid porosity is: shall not be brought medication should be cracking, peeling, metamorphosis, eccentric or cores corroded welding rod type of welding or solder stop drying temperature and holding time should be according to the rules; welding Groove and its liquidation on both sides clean, proper selection of welding parameters when basic electrode welding, short arc operation.
(3) avoid produced clip slag of main measures has: completely cleared slag shell and slope mouth edge of oxidation degrees and the multilayer welding Road between of welding slag; right shipped article, has law to stirred melt pool, prompted melt slag and iron parting; appropriate slows down welding speed, increased welding current, to improved melt slag surfaced conditions; select for of slope mouth angle; adjustment electrode drug skin or flux of chemical components, reduced melt slag of melting point. BACK