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Weld said the "stress" how to explain?

Welding current, metal local temperature is too high, causing metal grains changes and interactions between the grains can not be obtained in time to eliminate residual in the weld metal, is the residual stresses. Welding stress is sometimes a good thing, when the metal in the reverse force is exerted when tearing effects can be eased. But General residual stress lead to weld defects in metal in welding
Welding stress is the stress of welded components welded. Welding process of welded parts in the internal stresses and welding welding thermal process caused by changes in shape and size. Welding process caused by non-uniform temperature field and its local plastic deformation and specific volume of welding residual stress and deformation of different organizations is the root cause. When welding caused by inhomogeneous temperature field has not yet disappeared, weld in the stress and distortion called transient stresses and deformations; welding temperature field after the stress and deformation of welding residual stress and deformation. In the absence of external force under the condition of welding stress in the weld is balanced. Welding stress and deformation under certain conditions can affect the function and appearance of the weld, and therefore must be taken into account in the design and manufacturing problems.
Welded metal molten pool when local temperatures can reach more than 2000 ℃, weld metal grains swell the base metal to form huge stress, due to a sharp contraction of materials solidification of molten pool form a huge stress, grain cannot be eliminated in a timely manner the interaction between remaining in the weld metal, is the residual stresses. BACK