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Detailed steps and methods of aluminized steel tube welding

Low-priced carbon steel materials, surface after aluminizing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance. Has great economic value. Aluminized steel welding challenges, obstacles to implementation of application of aluminized steel.
Aluminized steel low carbon steel materials General for 10#, 20#, looks after aluminizing, 0.1-0.3mm thick appearance of aluminized layer, the Al content of the layer is 20%-40%. Aluminized layer close to the Martensitic Steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel and corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance superior to stainless steel.
Aluminized steel tube welding problems mainly refers to the fusion line how to restore the features of aluminized layer.

Steel pipe in front of the aluminum, used A312 stainless steel electrode first at its end stop surfacing, and then stop the aluminized. In this way, in butt welding of steel pipes into the welding between stainless steel, aluminized layer are not destroying the original.
When the pipe wall thickness ≥ 12mm, build-up welding process should be used. Operation method: before welding Groove, in the original tube out of the Groove on the inner surface of the end, then the A312 electrode welding, final composition will Groove. Will stop aluminized processing grooved steel pipe, need to use sandpaper to bevel after dirt, debris after grinding off, stop welding.

When the pipe wall thickness <12mm, brazing is suitable.
When two pipe butt welding, the welding heat to low melting-point brazing material condenses, condensed and glue the brazing and soaked into the weld on the inside and outside welds. Information on the brazing material is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, and performance than the aluminized steel, brazing fusion line of performance characteristics of information. Electrode for the A312.
When welding, while the fusion line of aluminized layer is destroyed, but here there are braze material glued, and alloying in weld zone is also resistant to corrosion and wear resistant oxide masking, and excellent performance. BACK