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Ferritic stainless steel welding processes

Ferritic stainless steel welding process is as follows:
⑴ welding of
Ferritic stainless steel welding, sharp grew up in heat-affected zone, 475 degrees brittle and σ phase precipitation is not such as to joint brittleness and cold cracking tendency increasing. At temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius the fusion line of intergranular corrosion occurs when the adjacent rapid cooling, but after 650~850℃ heating and slow cooling can then be removed.
Ferritic steel during heating and cooling processes do not attack phase transition, so grain growth in future, cannot undergo heat treatment to refine.
⑵ welding
1) when welding the weld Preheat 100~150℃, chromium content, the higher the higher the preheat temperature.
2) distinguished selection of CR or CR-NI austenitic stainless steel electrode welding rod. When the chromium-nickel austenitic electrodes are used, without preheating before welding and post weld heat treatment.

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